Email migrations

Wish you had a better email service but your many emails and accounts keep you where you are? We provide a flexible Email Migration option to help meet your technical and budget concerns.

Our team will bring over your email accounts to our┬áservers with minimum downtime. You just tell us which accounts you need and we’ll do the rest (and we may need some additional information, but you get the idea).

What we Migrate

Our migration service can be used for IMAP4, IMAP4S, POP3 and POP3S; however, for POP3 accounts we can only bring what hasn’t been downloaded from the server by your device. For IMAP, we will bring all your emails in every online folder. No hassle, no worries and FREE!

For ProEmail accounts, we will migrate up emails up to the limit of each email account.

For regular email accounts from web hosting, we will migrate up to 15 accounts per hosting account purchased from us and up to the space available in your new web hosting account with us.